image                                                                                  So I subscribe to a site that allows me to do movie reviews and get free screening tix. Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing the movie 33. I had the luxury of seeing it in a theatre with stadium seating in a chair that went back much further than my lazy boy.

I knew the movie was about the Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine for 69 days. It was just like any other work day for the men, until the mine caved in and they were trapped 700 meters underground. There were many violations  in th mine which also added to their inability to get out.

First it looked as if nothing would be done. For days nothing was done.  It was thought that the workers had not survived. These strong men did survive.  A leader came forth and doled out food so they would not eat it all in one day. They became more than a group of men with a common skill set; they became family. They kept each other sane. They held each other up.  One was an older man who was kept healthy by the young men. 

QWhile the men tried to stay alive their families stayed on the back of the government. They camped out for days, cheering on their men,praying and singing. The minister of mining set up a school, a hospital, and living space among the tents.  Many times the wives asked ,” what is being done to save our men?”

This movie showed me the strength of those men and their families. Some of the men wanted to give up  and even kill themselves but there was always a “brother” who uplifted the other. The wives never gave up, even when they were at their lowest, they kept the faith that their men would return and they DID! I give this movie a B. 


I didn’t know my own strength

My first of many zip lining experience. This was after the 5th zip.

My mom said at age 2 I was very independent. trying to empty the pee in my potty while almost spilling it on the floor and the phrase “Rhasha do it” was common. At some point things happened in my life that changed me. I became withdrawn, afraid of everything, abuse, a bad car accident. I lost that little girl and became afraid of everything from cars to walking places alone, loud noises, and I was always ready to fight. This zip lining was huge for me and this is how I felt after the 5th zip. This is me being indepedent and strong. Going back to school…driving on the highway…finishing my second book,cutting off all my hair…looking for that two year old ” Rhasha do it, mommy