image                                                                Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. I had been so depressed due to my children heading off to college. I looked up and the house that was so full of laughter, light, and love was quiet. So with a push from hubby, he said let’s move west. I thought Atlanta was the better spot. I could do plays and jump back into my music, but God led us to Dallas, Texas. The weather is great. It has been sunny everyday. And the days it rained I was in Mexico and had no clue. I have been able to link up with play writes and musicians and I am a big fish in a smaller pond. I am enjoying working in the inner city with little girls who have gone through some of the same things I have been through. I now have increased energy and I am getting back to the things I use to love. I am getting back to Rhasha the talented creative woman not just Rha the mother. I am writing like crazy and opportunities are falling into my lap.  Time to take over Dallas baby!!! now if I could find some friends…. That’s a whole nother blog.

One thought on “BACK TO ME

  1. A tale of joy and sorrow blended in measure to equal beautiful. Thankyou for sharing this, i was amazed that you could do this that i could not, thankyou very much. My mom was much the same and i was taught proper manners by her hand, help a woman if her hands are full and always hold the door for them. i will admit that i do not understand todays world at all. i think Mr Obama is one of our three greatest Presidents and by moms hand i also do not understand why the color of a persons skin should have any bearing on the way they are treated and i have become afraid for this nation for which i wore the marine corps uniform. Upon your life story i will continue to teach my grandchildren what my mother taught to me. i needed to read your writing to know this and with great sincerity and respect i thank you for it. …Wade Brachna

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