So tell me a little about yourself

image                                                                                          I promise I have been on more interviews than anyone I know. I have lived in four states and had many jobs. I am always prepared for the interviews, that part I do very well. Get there early, or right on time today because the elevator had an odd and even side. Dress nicely usually blue, gray, or black( brown if the others are dirty). Be prepared to wait. And get ready for the questions.

What makes you a good fit for this position? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Tell me about a time when… And of course tell me a little about yourself. That’s the meat of the interview. You must figure out, do they want to know what your passion is? What motivates you? Or some quirky fact?

I have had all types of interviews, the conservative ones where the male interviewer goes over my resume line by line. I had an interview that was done using my iPhone. I’ve had an interview where we talked about food and shopping and I had one where I sung a song I wrote. No matter the set up, I am 97% of the time offered the job.  What is easier than telling someone about yourself. All of the good stuff of course. So… When do I start?

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