…and then she said, “Get a Life!”

Since the tender age of 16 I have been a mother, by the age of  21 I was a married mother of three children. From that moment on my life was not my own. My life included them. They were numbers 1,2, and 3 and my needs were last. That was how it was supposed to be. I went from a teen with some many dreams and goals to a mother balancing school, warming bottles, and changing diapers.

As time went on I was able to do a few things but never at a high level. I kind of sang, I kinda wrote a book but never promoted it to full capacity, I kinda traveled a little. There wasn’t a move made without a child’s needs being paramount. As my youngest kiddo living at home left( I have a 14 yr old step baby who lives with her mom) I begin my descent into depression.

I would cry for hours. I dreaded leaving her in Columbus at Ohio State as I left for Dallas. A conversation with both of my grandmothers brought me out of my slump. Their words, ” get a life!” Travel, get back to music, act, write, get back to you. So I dropped my baby off at her dorm and she told me she was fine. I called the rest of my children and they said, “momma we are well.”

Travel I did, the Bahamas and Mexico and Paris is coming up next year. I enrolled into school. I started talking voice lessons and I’m in an upcoming play. I ride my bike. I am extremely flexible thanks to yoga and hubby and I are dating three times a week. I am still a mother, but I let them live their lives. I give them room to breathe.

I do text every day and call once a week. The Paris trip is happening because my son studies abroad in France. I can’t wait until they are here for Christmas even though my apartment I set up for two. I will always be a mother ;I’m just a mother with a thriving life. Yo Nana zip lining was last week, parasailing next time.  image

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