Today I attended my second movie prescreening. I have been a Michael B. Jordan fan since he was little Wallace killed by Poot and Bodie in The Wire. I’ve been begging for more of him. He was riveting in the Oscar Grant story ;not so much in Famtasic Four,the movie itself was a dud.

This movie is about,Adonis,the son of Apollo creed. Although he never met his father,boxing was in his blood. He fought all through the foster care system and dentention centers until he fought his way into the heart of Rocky. He wanted to be trained by the same man who trained his father. 

At first he attempted to fight on his own name. He wanted to be known as Adonis not just Apollo’s son. Rocky agreed to train him and began to build on the natural talent the boy had. He fought one of the local featherweight fighters and won. 

People in the industry began to notice him. They were interested in putting fights together. Adonis’ opponent, was a fighter who was undefeated and loved by many. It seemed like Adonis would lose for sure. But Adonis had a strong will. He had the will to do his best. The will that was with him when his mother died. The power to do his best even when it looks bleak.

During the time they trained for the fight. Rocky found out he had cancer. He didn’t take the news well and decided he wouldn’t be treated with chemo. He wanted to give up and die. Adonis found this out and gave him an ultimatum you fight cancer and I will fight my opponent. We will work hard, do our best, and win! 

For the next month Rocky trained Adonis ;even at the hospital they trained. At home Adonis nursed Rocky through the sickness that chemo caused. It was the night of the big fight, everyone thought Adonis would surely lose. The only team he had was his trainers, his adopted mom, his girlfriend Bianca, and the man in the mirror. 

Adonis was hit hard. His punches were blocked. He landed some punches. He had injuries over both eyes and his left eye was closed. He was battered and bruised. He pulled every piece of fight inside of his body, all of things he had been through, his failures, his weaknesses, and everyone knowing he was the son of Apollo Creed. Team Creed  fought hard and lasted till the 12th round but lost the fight,however Adonis Creed won the night. He proved to himself and everyone else that he could hang with the lightweight champion of the world. 

I give this movie a solid B. Jordan was excellent, Stallone was solid, and the supporting cast was good. This movie showed that no matter where you come from or what you have been through you can succeed with the proper support and hard work. You may not come in first place but you can still be first!

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