Famous Amos

image                                                                               On the way to school, on the way to church, on Saturdays as we cleaned up. Power 105  WTLC was always blasting. I remember Jay Johnson, Tony Lamont, Geno Shelton and Amos Brown. These were the men whose voices got my attention. I remember wondering what Mr. Amos Brown looked like.

When I saw him for the first time it was at the Convention Center during The Indiana Black Expo. I was right! Brown skinned, glasses,and a perfectly neat little fro. He was commanding a room full of people discussing topics that were important to us.

The next time I was graced with Mr. Brown’s knowledge I called him with questions about The FCC and what could and couldn’t be played on the radio. I was helping a close friend get a song on the radio. He stopped what he was doing to answer our questions. Over the years he would answer emails and provide information even when I moved away.

The last few times we corresponded were regarding a book I wrote and the next book. I was having trouble with the next phase of writing. I also contacted him about ways to quell the violence in the city. I sent information comparing and contrasting Columbus, OH as well as Dallas.

When I am in Naptown I am glued to 1310 The Light 1pm-3pm weekdays.  Whether it’s children being turned away from the pool or the struggles with IPS schools, racism, or the new mayor Amos is on the pulse. I look up to him as a journalist. I admire him as a leader. I thank him as a public servant and I honor him by continuing to be heard, to cry out, to uncover wrongs and make them right. Thank you Amos.

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