What about your Friends?



My husband and I are as different as night and day. I am loud, talkative, and thrive in social settings. He is laid back, quiet, and prefers staying home and watching a movie. Our recent job changes led us to Dallas,Texas. It was a transition leaving six children in the Midwest away at school.

When I finally got over the separation anxiety, I was ready to learn the city, enjoy the food, and of course make friends. My husband says friend will come and it takes years to trust people.  I say everyone you meet is a potential friend.  I started my search close to home at my apartment complex. Most of the people are standoffish and stay to them selves. Still every morning I wave Good Morning, have a great day.  

The next opportunity is work -the YWCA. There are many friendly ladies. I quickly made friends with a young Hispanic lady who has a young son. We are both from the Midwest and new to Texas. I got excited and wanted to invite her over for dinner after a few weeks. “Just wait until we have the house together,baby. Plus let’s spend some time together just you and I.” Hubby is always confused as to my need for friends.

We started frequenting a local karaoke bar. I sang with the Irving crowd while Hub downed beer and wings. After going a few weeks in a row, we made some friends Marvin and Todd. It was cool to have a clique( queue Bug Sean & Jay). Especially since all of the people I invite bail on me.

So hubby just comes out and asks, why do you need friends?  You have me, I’m your ride or die. Thus the need for this blog. What a loaded question. It’s not that I need friends. I need to be social. I am an only child. Although I have siblings from my Dad’s side, I was raised by a single mother as an only child. I loved when people came over or I went to their house. I also love hosting people,serving food and drinks.

I enjoy interaction,conversation, learning about people. I love to know how people were raised, learn about other cultures, and I’ve had a blast meeting people while traveling to other countries.

When we first arrived to Dallas I thought we would never fit in. But this week we found an awesome crew. We rekindled a relationship with some old friends, found a few new couples. Hubba is even cool with the idea of going out weekly, and open to making friends at 38.

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