Letting go of my Little Boy

imageLast Wednesday my son boarded a plane and flew to France. Now this is not his first time there. He went for a week his senior year. He’s been excited for months.everyone has been asking questions about where he is staying, Lyon. Will he be safe, USAC says he will be fine and his host family goes through many security checks to have students in their homes. He will be there the entire semester, back the end of May.

We have been preparing for the trip for months. The night before we double checked to make sure he had everything, we had a last night dinner at Dallas’ own Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant. I was fine, until he boarded that plane. He was no longer a 20 yr old boy. He was that baby born in the backseat of a car, he’s the two year old with braids, he’s the kid who had his phone stolen in Chicago by trusting someone he didn’t know.

I became scared. Will he be okay on the plane to Chicago,then Germany,then France? Who will make sure he doesn’t spend his Euros at one time? Will he remember Tide, toothpaste, and to buy dress shoes? Does he know who to trust? Then I stop myself. We have discussed these things. He has been raised well. He knows the language and it’s time to allow him to grow up. It’s time to let go of my little boy. Trust that we have done our best. Let go of that little boy and trust the man.

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