Out of the hood, the queen of the suburbs rises.

I’ve always thought of myself as pretty resourceful. I can make something out of nothing. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I can make a meal out of ramen,eggs, and a lil parsley. I have shopped at the Goodwill for my children and had to stretch $50 for school clothes.  I’ve been on welfare and food stamps and used it as a stepping stone until I could land on my feet.  I don’t get scared in so called bad neighborhoods and I’m always prepared in any situation.

Over the past ten years my children have gone off to school , I found better employment as has my husband. We have changed cities and went from a two bedroom small house to a three level home in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. I found myself going from, survival mom to supportive mom. I could be the volunteer mom in the classroom. I was the mom at all the events. I’m the mom who is friend to all moms.

Slowly  I was at Khols every week with my Khols cash. I steered clear of seedy neighborhoods. I became ” that suburban lady”. Is this the hood? I can’t be in this neighborhood?  I was up in the morning at Starbucks, I don’t even like coffee. I started to realize I’m always calling myself hood, and all, but I have more in common with the suburban folks than I do the hood. 

I guess I need to embrace that now I live in Irving/ Las Colinas another suburban town. I do brunch on Sundays and Saturdays. I volunteer at the YWCA on my off days and I live for Neiman Marcus 20% off sales. As empty nesters we attend wine tastings, karaoke nights, and r&b concerts on a reg. I guess what I need to do is embrace the hood as my past but admit that the suburbs is where I’ m at and where it’s at. 

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