Then we all rejoiced 

I remember exactly where I was when the OJ verdict was read. My oldest daughter was a toddler, I was pregnant with my son Tre’. He was due any day. I had been glued to the TV for months, hadn’t everyone watched?  Orenthal James Simpson…not guilty. I cheered in my living room, my daughter laughed and snuggled up on me. The people in South Central cheered. The folks in Brooklyn cheered. The news feed showed a bar in Boston, they were apalled. The feed showed the courtroom. OJ proud and smiling, hugging Mr. Kardashian, Cochran,Bailey, and Shapiro. We saw the faces of Nicole Brown Simpson’s family, full of agony,despair, utter disbelief. 

The news coverage was massive. They showed crowds of people; divided.  Seemed that black people were happy, almost rejoicing. In contrast ,white people seemed outraged. I remember racial tensions

  during that time being high. The timing was post Rodney King. As a black person I remember being happy that we had won.  Finally some black people succeeded. We had finally overcome. 

Fast forward twenty years, I’m sitting here watching The People Vs. OJ Series. I’m being convicted.why was I happy? A woman was killed, a man was killed. A mother lost her child, a father lost his son, children were motherless. What was I thinking? I was so swept up in race. I was swept up in the masses; us against them. OJ Simpson is guilty. The man is a murderer. Who doesn’t know that? This man wrote a book about how he would have done it, if he had done it. Fool you did do it. 

So much has changed, I am now 38 years old. I think for myself. I don’t believe in mass or robot thinking. I don’t decide things based on race. I have been married, divorced, and remarried. I have lived in four states, met many different people. I’ve traveled to different countries. I was a domestic violence victim. I am an educated woman.

At this time I am introspective, I feel bad for not feeling for those victims, cheering for that monster, who now sits in prison for another dumb crime. Is that karma? I now work with domestic violence victims, I am able to daily make an impact and give back to others. So instead of cheering and rejoicing over a person getting away with murder, I help advocate for women so they never become the next Nicole Brown.