I am my Sister’s Keeper

Today was a fulfilling day. I was able to help a homeless lady who called from Oklahoma needing a place to stay. Then as soon as I walked in the door a walk in client who is now a member came in telling me about how she lost her job. As I listened to her story carefully thinking of ways to meet her needs, she told me she was in a domestic violence situation and is totally dependent on the man. 

First I told her my story, “I have been where you are sis. I needed help and someone was there to pull me out of depression, joblessness, and even DV.” We talked for a while and then I hugged her and said a little prayer. We then went over what services she needs and began to make a plan. I am certain she left feeling better than how she felt coming in. She now has hope, and next steps to freedom.

This afternoon we had a party at work. Prince music was played, we had great food, and I was presented with the award for Outstanding Advocate. I’ve never used that word, advocate. But when I looked it up that is exactly what I am. I speak up for those with no voice, battered women, abused children, I don’t give up. I don’t get tired until it’s completed. I enjoy encouraging, uplifting, giving to women. I am my sisters keeper. It’s etched in my DNA. It’s my purpose here. I never needed an award. I would do this job for free. Again, I am my sister’s keeper.  



France through my son’s eyes.

The week of my birthday we had the pleasure of visiting our son in Lyon, France. We were so excited to see the sights in the third largest city after Paris and Marseille. We planned a bullet train ride to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, and the Locks of course. As we arrived at the gate, who was holding the sign that said Welcome Mike Hoosier, my Tre’. I guess I was chopped liver although I paid for half of the vacation. I didn’t care I hugged my son and our adventure begun.

He had a cab driver waiting for us who drove us to our hotel. Instead of sleeping we got right to enjoying our new surroundings. Our hotel was a in a great location across from a huge park which also was a zoo. In English the park is called Lions Head. Tre’ had his own plan of how we would check out the city and we just went along with it. We ate that evening and went back to the room for some alone time.

The night next Tre’ showed us the mall which also holds the subway station. He taught us the subway and made sure we knew which stop to take back to the hotel and to the different locations around Lyon. We toured his school and met his professors who all told great stories about him. We both beamed so proud of our boy. We met a few of his friends and he translated for us with no hesitation. He seemed worried when he left for class and we headed back to the subway station alone.

Our Paris trip was the next day. We took the bullet train. He showed us where to buy our tickets and we found the track that the train departed from. Although you have assigned seats, people sit anywhere. I was a little upset because we were separated. My son quickly found seats together and make sure we were comfortable for the 2 hour ride. He led the way as he took us on an eight hour, 13 mile, twenty- five thousand steps per my iPhone trek through the Paris. We started at the Arch, then The Lourve, where he gave us all of the history. We took many breaks on benches and water rests. He kept telling us how close the tower was. When we got to the beautiful sight he took lots of pictures and we went to the very top.

At the lock bridge he purchased our locks and keys. We wrote our names on one side and all of the kiddos names on the other side. Even in this romantic moment Tre’ took pictures and seemed so happy. The last two days we went to the famous Basilica, the beautiful Roman  Catholic church is the highest point in Lyon. The view was breathtaking. The walk up the steep cobblestone was grueling but we were up for the challenge and completed it. We also went to the town square and shopped. He showed us where the best gift shops were. We ate at the best restaurants and had everything from fresh breads, to pastries,  sausages and fish dinners. We visited a wine cellar and brought four bottles back to Dallas.

I could go on and go about the trip but this blog would be more like a book. To us Tre’ is out knucklehead son. He is forgetful and always has a story about , “what had happened was.” But on this trip he was our tour guide. He served us a traditional Arab dinner at his roommates home.He made sure we got back to our hotel every night. He waited on us hand and foot. We were blessed to see hm operate in his gift of communication; of language. Everyone we met had a funny story or a story of what a good kid Tre’ is.

As he put us in our cab for our ride to the airport, the cab driver told us how much he likes Tre’ as a person. We told him in our best French how much he has always loved language, culture, and people. We were thankful that the man and his family have looked after Tre’,he said Tre’ does what we call, aimer et prendre soin de vos parents. Love cherish and care for your parents.  This trip taught us a lot about France but it also showed us another side of our son, a mature, educated, responsible, side which I can’t wait to see more of…next trip Morocco 2017.