I am my Sister’s Keeper

Today was a fulfilling day. I was able to help a homeless lady who called from Oklahoma needing a place to stay. Then as soon as I walked in the door a walk in client who is now a member came in telling me about how she lost her job. As I listened to her story carefully thinking of ways to meet her needs, she told me she was in a domestic violence situation and is totally dependent on the man. 

First I told her my story, “I have been where you are sis. I needed help and someone was there to pull me out of depression, joblessness, and even DV.” We talked for a while and then I hugged her and said a little prayer. We then went over what services she needs and began to make a plan. I am certain she left feeling better than how she felt coming in. She now has hope, and next steps to freedom.

This afternoon we had a party at work. Prince music was played, we had great food, and I was presented with the award for Outstanding Advocate. I’ve never used that word, advocate. But when I looked it up that is exactly what I am. I speak up for those with no voice, battered women, abused children, I don’t give up. I don’t get tired until it’s completed. I enjoy encouraging, uplifting, giving to women. I am my sisters keeper. It’s etched in my DNA. It’s my purpose here. I never needed an award. I would do this job for free. Again, I am my sister’s keeper.  


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