Introducing Ms. Hoosier

On Mother’s Day weekend my firstborn graduated from Ball State University’s teacher’s college. After all of the hard work and sacrifice that our family has made. The hours of studying Brit has done  and even the setbacks she dealt with at the university, my baby did it. She is the first in our family to finish school the traditional way. She never stopped, never gave up. She took the correct path.

I was so proud of her. As she walked across that stage all I could think of was this is my baby girl. The one who had Wilms tumor kidney cancer at age 6. She went through chemo and radiation. She came from a broken home, poverty, and domestic violence and beat all odds.

While attending school on the dean’s list, Brittany worked in a  residence hall, she discipled freshman girls, she was a leader in her Christian organization, and made time for family back at home.

My little girl, the one who helped raise her siblings. The unofficial boss will head to Houston this fall to start her teaching. I am so excited to help purchase things for her classroom. I can’t wait to see her name on the door…welcome introducing Ms. Hoosier. To me she is my Britsy boo! These future leaders will be blessed to have Ms. Hoosier the same

 way I’ve been blessed for 22 years.

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