imageMy husband and I talk often, we talk about politics, movies, music, sports,  and spirituality. We don’t talk about racism because my husband calls me a conspiracy theorist, which is not true, I only deal with conspiracies that are real.

It’s been a minute since we discussed racism, probably since the last black unarmed man was killed. What was that a week ago? We don’t talk about the ones who point guns at the police officers, or ones who were holding a hostage at gunpoint. What we do talk about is police brutality. We talk to our sons often. We tell them what to do when pulled over on their college campuses and in the community. They know and have heard the lecture.

Last week we closed on a home in a suburb of Ft. Worth called Keller. We noticed  not many people who look like us live here. My husband also bought a luxury car and this frightened me. I asked him if he was scared to be racially profiled and pulled over for no reason. His response, ” Rhasha no one ever messes with me, I am over 40, my beard is gray, I always obey traffic laws. I do what I am supposed to do. I am not like these young fools, no insurance, headlights not working, and fleeing a crime scene.”

This week a man was murdered by police. He was 40, he was not fleeing a crime scene, his headlights were working, he needed help with his car. Car trouble is a normal  life triviality. My husband could get a flat tire and have to stand on the side of the road. He could one day run out of gas after sitting in Dallas/ Ft. Worth traffic. He could need help and needing help could GET HIM DEAD! Yes I said get him dead.

My response to him was, ” Mike I know you think you are safe because of your age or the fact that you obey the law, but all you need to be is black to GET DEAD.”

He called me yesterday and said, ” You were right, I get it.”image



  1. we know a trend is occuring, but why ? surely by now police officers are aware that something isn’t right. in the latest shooting in Tulsa the videos’ released shows no reason in the world for that officer to even have her weapon drawn. therein lies a key. the use of deadly force. police officers are trained to think that brandishing a weapon should constitute instant compliance with thier orders and instead it produces a rebelious affect. police used to be trained that the use of deadly force was a last resort and one only drew ones weapon when being threatened by deadly force. the laws are wrong, the psychologists are wrong, and the training is wrong. i do not know how to change this or who to say to that this needs done now, how can we convince those whom the courts consider experts that thier thinking is going entirely the wrong direction. i can only pray and that i will do. should you have a solution please pass it around the world. there was not one mention that the Tulsa officer had that weapon out as soon as she exited the vehicle. God help us.

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