I had the luxury of going to the Bad Boy concert in Dallas at American Airline Center. We had great seats and I was so excited. See I grew up on Bad Boy, Biggie, Puffy, Faith and my girl group thought we were Total back in the day. I prepared for weeks and got my outfit and hair ready for the big day.

It was hectic getting down there from where I currently lives in Irving. We drove and paid an arm and a leg to park but we didn’t let that spoil our night.  At the beginning of the show we chanted along with The Lox, Mase, Faith, Carl Thomas, Lil Kim and of course Diddy. The energy was high. It was like we knew every word, every rift and every bar. The crowd rocked back and forth to ” Can’t You See?” by Total, fan favorite  “Only You” by 112, and all of the Lil Kim hits.

The Biggie tribute stole our souls and had us sad and screaming out ” We’ll Always Love Big Poppa”. But the show stopper was DMX who ripped the stage down with all of his hits,” Party Up“, “What You Bitches Want from a Ni**a?”,and pretty much a mash up of his album It’s Dark and Hell is Hot.

The other phenomenal performance was from Miss Erykah Badu herself.  Not only was she a surprise guest, but she was the best of the night in my opinion. She told us to “Call Tyrone, we grooved to  “On and On” and “Danger “my absolute favorite Badu joint. Over all this concert rocked and I enjoyed remembering the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Tomorrow is the Kayne show, same place different vibe. Either way I am in there!


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