A night with Pablo

So I arrived home from the Saint Pablo Tour here in Dallas five hours ago. I was impressed. I don’t consider myself  a Kanye West fan, my husband really likes him. As a birthday present I took him. After waiting an hour and a half, meeting my neighbors and slamming down hot dogs and beer, he finally hit the stage.

I heard about the floating stage, but seeing it is a whole ‘nother experience. It’s Kanye,a stage,and darkness. He led with songs from the new album.  “Saint Pablo”, “FML” and “Real Friends”. The energy was high and the crowd rocked with him, he then did some current hot joints. This is one of my favorite parts of live shows. He did “Panda”,his verse on “Jump man”, and “I Don’t Like”, the old Chief Keef hit.

From there the stage moved a bit and he went through his Yeezus, Watch the Throne, and more Pablo singles. “Bound 2″,”New Slaves” and “Blood on the Leaves” were stand outs midshow.

Then my own Kanye West paradise began. The old ‘ish. College Dropout, Late Registration, Heartbreaks and 808’s. The crowd quieted and hands went into the air when “Heartless”started. At one point he stopped singing and stopped the music, all you heard were 15,000 voices singing along….How could you be so heartless. Silence. Then screams. The audience had become one. We connected. Race, age, sex, none of it mattered. What is going on in this country didn’t phase us for the moment . Right then it wasn’t on my mind. Our row just looked at each other.

He then went straight into “Stronger” I went back to the weekend  car rides from Indy to Columbus. I left that arena. Head boppin’, hitting every verse right along with ‘Ye. “Flashing Lights” flooded our eardrums and the cell phone lights glowed,and the Kanye classic, “The Good Life”. We went bananas.

He closed the show with more from The Life of Pablo, “Famous” , “Father Strech my Hands”, and “Fade”which had a cool laser, light show with red highlights. The tribute to his mom had us all hanging our heads and grieving along with Kanye. I couldn’t imagine losing my mom,now or ever. After “Only One”the thug in me had to leave. As the final song started to play I grabbed my Kanye shirt and hugged my neighbors. A stirring soulful version of “Ultralight Beam” began with a full choir. I stuck my head back in the arena thinking maybe Kirk Franklin would appear (he does lives in Dallas ya know)

Overall I give the concert a solid 9. The only other thing I could have asked for would have been a few dancers, Teyana Taylor dancing to Fade, and a few more hits from Heartbreaks & 808s. I think Kanye would be pleased with this review. I said his name five times. Kanye Omari West. Six.

Tonight I saw a more humbled version of Mr. West. He didn’t seem so arrogant. He was actually likable and fun to watch. The stage is his happy place. The love he has for the art transfers to those who appreciate his genius. Yes Mr. West you are a musical genius.

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