When we moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2005 I had no idea I would one day yell out BUCKEYES. We moved from Indiana and never cared about The Ohio State Football team, OSU basketball or the University. Fast Forward to 2015 one of our youngest daughters Ana graduated from high school with a full tuition academic scholarship to The Ohio State University.

One of her first purchases was an OSU Mom t -shirt. The shirt was gray with red lettering nothing special, so I thought.The first time I wore the shirt I was getting on a plane from Dallas, TX where I live to Indianapolis, IN  my hometown. People turned their heads, pointed and as I found my seat a man asked, ” Does your kid really go to Ohio State?”

No I’m just wearing the shirt Einsten. Pause. “Yes my daughter is a freshman there studying New Media and Graphic Design.” He then told me about the people he knew who attended OSU and how he wasn’t able to get in when he applied. He knew every quarterback’s name and every coach from the 70’s to the present.

The next time I wore the shirt was at a Starbucks in Indianapolis, in the heart of IUPUI country. The barista asked me how my child liked it there. He also told me about his favorite OSU football player. He gave me my drink for ‘THE FREE ‘as the kids say.

I spent my birthday in France and wore the shirt again.  As we entered Charles De Gaulle airport I hear a man yell out ” OH-” I answer with “-IO” he runs up to me and says he went to Ohio State. He tells me his major and why he is in Paris. We talked for so long my bags circled the carrousel twice.

I travel frequently since most of my family is in the Midwest and I now live in the southwest. I also take a few trips a year with my  In -Loves. I don’t usually get folks coming up to me, talking about much of anything. It’s mostly just small talk, but when I am wearing my OSU Mom shirt, I get full conversations. When I go to Starbucks I don’t ever get a free drink. Most times I don’t get eye contact or my name spelled correctly, it’s R-H-A-S-H-A. But no matter where I am, I always get  treated better, and always spark a good conversation when I am wearing Scarlet & Gray.

As I typed this blog I was approached in Ft. Worth, TX by a guy who was also wearing an OSU shirt and of course I had mine on too. I am going to need a new one soon, since I wear it once a week and it’s starting to shrink. Oh and Michigan fans where ya’ll at?


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