His Hair Feels Like Mine 

Our time with President Barack Obama as our CEO is coming to an end. After 8 years of seeing a black man and his family in the White House things will now change. We will go from a classy man who seems calm at all times; to a man who seems angry and red in the face ( actually more like orange). President Obama was nowhere near perfect. Matter of fact I didn’t agree with everything he said and certainly not everything he did. But it was great to see a man I was proud to have as a president and a beautiful woman First Lady Michelle who was always by his side. 

This blog is not about politics or the issues it’s about the little boy who wanted to touch Obama’s hair to see if it felt like his. It was wonderful to have a president who reflected my skin color. I was so dang proud. So many of the values shared by the Obama’s where also shared amongst people of color. Lady Michelle’s mom had a spot in the home right there with her family. Our favorite pastime of playing basketball was reflected in our president.. All of the cute hairstyles the Obama girls wear many little black girls wore too. But what touched my heart so much was that little boy. 

His name was Jacob Philadelphia of Maryland. He was at The White House with his father who was leaving the administration as a former marine who was on the national security council. His father asked for a picture with Mr. President. The soft spoken little boy then asked President Obama if he could feel his hair and see if it’s felt like his own. President Obama’s response, “ Go ahead feel it dude.” Jacob felt it and lit up with excitement as he told onlookers that it did feel the same.  

That was one of the sweetest moments for me. Never in a million years would I have thought that one day we would celebrate a black president. Others were angry and enraged. Not those who didn’t like his policy I understand those people. There are those who hated his skin, one of the characteristic that I loved the most. I will miss the Obama’s a lot. I don’t think anyone would ever want to touch Donald Trump’s hair. Not even the kids who would be cursed to have hair like his. 

For another two months I can say my president looks like me. That gives me a good feeling in these depressing times. Salute to little Jacob Philadelphia. 


2 thoughts on “His Hair Feels Like Mine 

  1. Mr Obama is a good person and this country has not seen his like since Mr Lincoln. Heaven forbid that he be the last that this country sees … i also did not agree with all he did but reckoned if Michelle stood beside him then he’s the best. He is my President, She is my Queen.


    1. I feel the same. I feel like he did what he could for gay and lesbians and for healthcare and jobs but I feel like in two terms he could have more for the baby-boomers like my mom who are now in their 60s and 70s. I also feel like more could have been done with mental illness in this country. It’s very important. Also he was very emotional with the black men being killed by officers but didn’t really change things. I would have liked to see Bernie Sanders as president. And I actually like his hair lol

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