President Elect Donald Trump

I have now had five days to process the results of last Tuesday’s election. It usually takes time for me to fully process anything of this magnitude. For some people, it simply “ Is what it is”. I have never been that type of person. I always ask questions and analyze things. I love to research and find out why things happen the way they do and why people do what they do. I was in shock on Wednesday and most of Thursday. I was sad Friday and went to see a comedy that evening. Saturday I was angry. Sunday;tired. Today I am ready to get busy.

No matter what side you were on you must admit this election was polarizing. Many of us learned the true character of our friends and family and in my case, the pastor of a local church I’ve been attending. For me I really was never with either of the candidates. I would never support a bigot like Trump and it’s hard to support a woman I can’t feel look at directly in the eyes. I never fully trusted her. Still I figured she would win once Bernie was off the table. If I could wave a magic wand he would have been my choice.

I was texting and on the phone with my children Tuesday night and come 7am Wednesday I finally went to sleep.It was hard to sleep peacefully when the president elect doesn’t like my kind. I mean he doesn’t like any parts of me. He would like to defile my lady parts and he feels I am poor and live in the ghetto. Let’s start with the latter. I don’t feel poor at all. My husband makes good money as an engineer. I work with women and children and have since 2009. We just bought a home and a BMW. We are able to help our children often. We support seven children, five are currently college students. One is a teacher and one is a high school sophomore We are able to travel to France, Mexico and visit our family in the Midwest a few times a year.

He also feels like black people are lazy. This morning I woke up at 4:30am. I started my daily prayer line at 5:30 along with my husband, aunt and mother. I had a quick breakfast and now I am headed to volunteer at my former employer YWCA in Dallas, TX. I will work on a book I’m writing this afternoon. I will attend a support group I attend and a yoga class at the gym this evening and end my night with dinner and a little television. I don’t think I am lazy at all.

Donald Trump has managed to debase and devalue minorities, women, Muslims, homosexuals, veterans and handicapped people. The only group he doesn’t insult are wealthy white men. But last week he won the vote for President of the United States. Many black people want to leave this country and are making plans to do so. I am wondering why we would leave a country that we helped build. Ever researched the institution of slavery? The operating word is institution, money made off the blacks of Afrikan people.

I have always wanted to live in another country but when I decide to do that it will be of my own volition. It won’t be because some racist son of a bitch scared me away. Also where would I go? Where on earth are black people wanted? Where is the place where racism doesn’t exist?

Now that my roller coaster of emotion is complete I can take action. What is my stance. I will continue to love people of all races, all sexual orientations, religions, party affiliations, and classes. I will continue to be vocal when I see injustice and never be silent. I will exercise my right to vote especially on the local level where it counts. I will stay informed on politics secretly hoping we do away with this age old electoral college. I heard someone say that the forefathers started the electoral college, so what. The forefathers also said African Americans and Jews were 3/5 a person. Fuck the forefathers.

The change I want to see starts with me. I am not a protester rally type person. I am not a politician. What I am is a writer. I will write my officials. I will also make phone calls and make them often. I love to research so if there is something to be learned or studied I am all over it. Most of all I am a fighter. I will never stand by and allow people to hurt. The poorest black person is my brother. The pregnant and scared teenaged girl who was raped and is pregnant is my sister. Why she should she be made to have a child that is unwanted? If two men want to get married and experience the horror that is marriage let them have at it.

My opinion on Donald Trump is that he is an evil bigoted scum of the earth man. He is everything that this country was founded on, thievery, hate, and pure evil. When is the last time you saw a Native American? Trump is everything about this country coming to bite us in the ass. So what better choice for a president right? Maybe we are getting exactly what we deserve. Again I don’t know what the future holds for me or where I will end up. But at some point karma must come back to the right people. Then again maybe not, John F. Kennedy was killed and he was said to be one of America’s finest presidents, sure could use him right now.

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