imageI am still vibing to Solange’s new album, A Seat at the Table that came out late summer. I was never a huge Solange fan. I always saw her as a pretty girl with a few cute songs. I enjoyed her song, “ I Decided” and fan favorite “ Tony”. What mystified me was her personality. I love the chill bohemian black panther hippie chick that she seems to be. She’s a fighter; protector of her sister and child. Everything I admire in a person and some of what I am made of. I enjoy most of the songs on her album and I have already done a review of her song “Cranes in the Sky”.

Instead of doing a review of the album in its entirety I wanted to review those songs that speak directly to me. “Mad” was another stand out for me. In this uptempo song she talks about the obvious; things that make her mad. The hook asks why you always gotta be mad. Her response is I got a lot to be mad about. Well let me clap back cause Ms. Knowles- I feel your pain.

So let me be the mad rapper/singer and tell you why I’m mad. I am mad because we have a bigot for a president. I am mad because there are Pastors who sit in pulpits scared to tell their members the truth. I am mad that children are abused and some parents have children only to abuse them. I am mad that some women think it’s cute to see how many babies they can have to keep a man even though I’ve warned them that never works. I am mad because I lost a child in 2005 that would now be 11. I often wonder what he or she would have been like and looked like. I know one thing they would have been unconditionally loved.

I’m mad because black men are being killed by the people who are sworn to protect. When Ray Ray kills someone he goes to jail for life when Officer Wilson kills someone he gets a walk. I’m mad that pedophiles are protected within families and their victims often blamed for being abused.I’m mad that my ancestors were kidnapped by their own people, made to be slaves, freed, not really freed and now are being asked to go back to Africa.

I am mad that I have student loans in my name and my daughter’s name. I am mad that it’s hard to get rid of this pooch but when I was 25 I wore belly shirts and had six pack abs. I am mad that polygamy is a sin and not allowed in this country. Sometimes my husband pisses me off. He doesn’t dance, he’s getting old and snores all night. I can’t have another husband who is a great dancer, young and sleeps quietly.

I’m mad that education in American isn’t free; neither is healthcare. I’m mad that there are parents who don’t talk to their children and families who never eat dinner at a table. I’m angry that men can have as much sex as they want but women should play coy. I’m mad because men can get haircuts and we have to spend hours looking good only be judged. Men can walk around looking like they are about to deliver a child but we have to keep it right and tight.

It pisses me off that I can’t see Jesus nor ask him direct questions and get an audible answer.. Why the mystery with a man who is my Heavenly Father? I have many questions for him. Like why are children raped? How come I never see this vengeance that he rains upon the bad people of the world. When does karma come or does it even exist? Why are some people born and seem to be pure evil and hate like serial killers and sociopaths. Why do good people always die young?

There are many other things I’m angry about but I can’t type a ten page blog and you don’t have time to read it. Just know that just like Sista Solo said…I got a lot to be mad about.