imageI had the pleasure of spending my anniversary in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was my first time there but it won’t be my last. I wanted to go to New Orleans since the drive is not far from Dallas where I live; but my husband had a work trip scheduled and invited me to tag along and we could celebrate on the weekend. So we packed and set out for North Carolina. The flight was two hours long and I used the time to anticipate the visit. The people there will all have accents, they will be very friendly, the city won’t be much.

The weather was nice; although it was February it felt like Spring. Our hotel was downtown in an area full of restaurants and bars. The hotel was okay and the guest service reps were nice. We dropped our bags off in the room and headed out for dinner. As soon as we turned the corner there it was, the place we went on our first date in Indiana, The Rock Bottom Brewery. I knew they were in the Midwest but never knew they were anywhere else. That was the first night and dinner was nice. What a great start.

Over the next few days we explored downtown. There was so much within walking distance. We walked and talked with the friendly folks none of who had accents; many were from up north. We met up with some friends at a very nice restaurant and learned a lot about the North side and the South Park mall area. After dinner we visited the mall and spent a lot of time walking. Again the people were personable and diverse.

The last few days we went to the downtown bar crawl and danced and walked back to our hotel buzzed. We didn’t make any plans we just went with the flow. We talked, laughed and cracked jokes and ended up in each other’s arms.. It was much like the old days when we first met. It was fun exploring the malls we were told about and some of the often talked about Charlotte spots.

We went by Duchess from Black Ink Crew’s tattoo shop and I still couldn’t convince Mike to get any ink. He says he’ll never get a tatoo. I just have one. We walked over to Peter from the Housewives of Atlanta’s bar and there was no place to park. We also sampled both Mert’s and The Midnight Café which were both pretty good.

Our final day in The Queen City we found a beautiful park to sit in and watch the sunset. Overall it was a nice town. Kind of reminds me of Atlanta without the traffic, half the population, and lots of culture. The museums were closed on Monday not sure why but that gives us a reason to return. Also I would love to go again and visit the historic areas. This anniversary was very special, not only because of the man I married but because of the place.

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