Spring 2017

Spring has always been my favorite season. Not only were five of my favorite people born in April and May but my birthday is April 10th. I love how the air smells in spring.  I enjoy watching the trees bloom beautiful pinks and reds. I especially love telling winter deuces, goodbye, Ciao. The rain can be a bit much at times but I know that rain feeds the grass, trees, and flowers. In Texas no matter what, the sun comes out everyday. It can rain for hours but right before evening the sun will show its face.

This spring is very special to me. I will turn 40 this spring. I plan to enjoy this year like no other. I plan to fly a kite, roll down a hill, dance in the rain instead of fretting about it. I am even starting a garden this spring. I want to plant tomatoes and peppers to start with. I have a whole list of what I am going to do in 2017 but that’s a whole ‘nother blog. Today is March 20th and from today until June 19 I will embrace  this vernal equinox with happiness, joy, and compassion for the season  and for mankind. Gotta run time for a bike ride.

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