I Just Hit My Rhythm Boy: Tempo Tour 2016

Last weekend my daughter invited me to a Christian Hip Hop concert. I didn’t know what to expect, it was my first time. I had heard one of the artists because my daughter blasts his music on every car ride. I tease her that people probably think she is a thug since the music sounds like heavy rap even tho it’s Christian.

We arrived at The Ridglea Theatre in Ft. Worth before the doors opened and waited in line 20 minutes. Once the concert started the place filled up fast. The opener was Joseph Solomon  a guitarist who not only sang gospel but also blessed us with a poem. He had a calming tenor and was very funny.  We waited in anticipation for the next act.

The next act was Tauren Wells. He was like a gospel Pitbull. He had high energy, stage presence and got the crowd pumped. He sang, rapped and danced. He was  very charismatic and did a mini sermon on the goodness of God.

Then there was a brief intermission then the screen came on with positive words and lyrics . The spotlight came on, the floor vibrated and we yelled. Kevin Burgess the headliner stood on a table wearing camo pants and a hoodie, hair wild and free. We yelled and my daughter screamed louder than anyone in the crowd. The beat dropped and then “I just hit my rhythm boy, this is not your tempo boy.”  The energy that filled that theatre was so powerful. Every hand was in the air. I can’t remember the last time I jumped at a concert; maybe The 1998 No Way Out Tour.

KB introduced himself and welcomed us. He gave us the instructions. ” Turn Up!” He then went into exhilarating performances of “Sideways”, “Church Clap”, “100” and ” Undefeated”. As I was dancing I felt the sweat running down my back. I grabbed a bottle of water. Then as Kevin slowed things down there was a disruption in the crowd. A lady with diabetes was hurt and ill. The music stopped and the lights came on.

KB began to pray. We were told to move so paramedics could get through. People scrambled to find candy for the sister to bring her blood sugar up. Then all over the theatre people began to pray. A young man began to pray. Amen. Then a young woman. Amen. The lady was able to get up and walk on her own and was taken out on a stretcher.

When the music resumed he went into “Oceans (Crowns & Thorns)”. Then Kevin talked to us about his struggle with losing a friend. We all worshipped to “Save  Me ” and “Drowning”. The lyrics and passion in his deliverytouched my soul. He closed the show with a fun chant of “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey goodbye.”  We waited and didn’t move a muscle. We started the cadence “One more song, One more song.”

He ran back out and jumped in the air. He swung his hoodie and when it hit the ground we lost it. He went right into “Ima Just Do It.” My daughter moved me out of her way, found her own row and got crunk for Jesus. She danced and gave all of her praise to God. Folks in the crowd even started recording her! It was powerful watching this child worship. A child who overcame cancer, poverty, seeing domestic violence, and having me as a mother. Lol.

I’ve attended great concerts from Janet Jackson, to Diddy and Kanye West. But concert was by far the livest. I enjoyed spending time with my oldest kiddo. I’ve been blasting KB all day today and Tauren and Joseph have a new fan. Today I am completely beat down tired. KB is right this is not my tempo.I’m a bit slow…and old.