12 Years a Black Woman

image                                                               Rachel Dolezal’s name has been all over the media. She is the Caucasian( yes woman you are white) lady who had been passing as black. Yes there is actually a person who attempted to pass for black. We will come back to my feelings on that. As a child Rachel had blonde hair and looked just like your favorite white doll. She says she has always felt like was black.

The first signs of her “blackness” showed when she attended prestigious HBCU Howard University ( my middle daughter received a full ride scholarship there). She says that when asked what race she was, both white and black were selected. She went on to do quite well in college.

Rachel became an Africana Studies professor and was respected by most. She wore her hair in ethnic styles mostly worn by African -American women. She even permed her hair to obtain a curly texture that would mimic the natural hair of many black women. She was brilliant at imitating all things black, the struggle, the culture, the outward appearance.

Rachel Dolezal then made her way to one of the most respected organizations among African -American people, The NAACP.  She became the  president of the Spokane, Washington chapter.  Again she was able to fool those around her until her parents contacted the media and told her secret.

So that’s the tale of Rachel Dolezal. I have so many questions, was it not enough being Rachel? Would she rather be Rhasha? Would she rather be followed in stores? Why not just love and appreciate our culture? Go to Howard as a Caucasian woman. Express your love of our hairstyles as the white woman you are.

I can’t take off my blackness for a moment and freely operate as a white woman. I would love to be judged and evaluated by only my merit and not experience any type of racism. I don’t have that luxury. The truly sad conclusion is that Rachel could have been white and still attended Howard. Rachel could have been white and been the president of The NAACP. She could have been white and embraced our culture. African -American people are known for accepting others. We know how it feels to be shunned, disrespected, and treated poorly,which is why even though Rachel made such a misstep she will still be welcomed and forgiven.